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Welcome To My World
Welcome to my site. It's all about me.So read on.At present i study medicine in Calcutta but that still leaves so much of me that you never knew.If you are here , chances are that you know me. Or you are a surfer who typed in something i like too or may be i am famous!!!

Just why did i build this site?.Well ,i have seen so many people with cool websites and i gues i am awannabe that way.But more imporatantly , i think by now its just an essential accessory.

The buttons you see on the left will help you know me better. And do fill in the guestbook please.

Listing Site Updates
Under one of these subheadings, it’s a good idea to list recent updates to my site so that visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first. For example, I could list the date and a brief description of the update:

7/16/00   Added pictures of my vacation to the Photo page.
6/25/00   Updated the team schedule for the fall 200 season.
5/30/00   Added information about a new product my business offers.

I could also list updated news about my site’s topic. For example, if my site were about a particular sport, I’d could discuss the outcome of a recent competition.
This is me in front of I.I.Sc
The I.I.Sc is the best place in India to do science. Too bad that there isn't much neuroscience happening there. This flowery row leads to the stand for the bus to NCBS. Yeah, it's a great place to be in.

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements
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Getting Rich Quick—From My Site!
I might not want a large amount of text on my home page if I want to guide visitors toward my other pages. Instead of text, I can add others’ buttons to this first page, and I’ll be rewarded for people who click on the buttons. For example, if a visitor signs up for a Visa using the NextCard button on my site, I earn at least !

Captions for pictures
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.
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